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Suffolk Coastal is pretty safe when it comes to Covid-19 outbreaks. Nevertheless, we are taking it very seriously and want to protect everyone who steps foot in Watson and Walpole, be they staff or customers. PLEASE do not try to flout the maximum number of 6 people from a maximum of 2 households by booking more than one table for the same party.

To comply with regulations and to protect both staff and customers, we are:

* Restricting any one party to a maximum of six people (as above)
* Asking all customers to book online so we have your phone number and email address logged (in case the authorities need to contact anyone later on, which might include members of your party)
* Asking all walk-in customers for these details too – as this will cause delays, please book online or, if necessary, by telephone
* Taking the temperature of everyone entering the building using an infrared ‘gun’
* Not allowing anything that could be contaminated in the restaurant, e.g. pushchairs, luggage, umbrellas, bikes or whatever. Please only bring or wear what is necessary.
* Asking for contactless payment or credit card payment. Cash and cheques will not be accepted
* Asking you to ensure your table companions fall within groupings that are socially permitted
* Only allowing face-to-face seating for those within the same household
* Making sure tables are suitably distanced from each other
• Laying up tables in advance, to include the menus, so as little changes hands as possible
* Ensuring all Front of House staff wear visors
* Providing hand sanitisers throughout the building for guests and staff to use as frequently as required
* Sanitising all tables, seating etc.,  between customers
* Using a state-of-the-art new dishwasher, and glass washer, at germ-killing settings
* Ensuring all kitchen staff work at safe distances, wear gloves, and wear face visors when handling uncooked food