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Current regulations

NB six people maximum may convene. Now we are allowed to stay open until 11pm the evening service will return to a 6.30pm start (for new bookings).

To comply with new regulations and to protect both staff and customers:

*Please wear a face covering when arriving at the restaurant. This may be removed once seated.
* Please book online so your phone number, email address and postal address are logged for track and trace.
* All walk-in customers will be asked for these details too – as this will cause delays, please try to book online or, if necessary, by telephone.
* We will continue to take the temperature of customers entering the building using an infrared ‘gun.’ All staff will have their temperature taken before starting work.
* We are not allowing anything that could be contaminated in the restaurant, e.g. pushchairs, luggage, umbrellas, bikes or whatever. Please only bring or wear what is necessary.
* We ask for contactless payment or credit card payment. Cash and cheques will not be accepted.
* All tables are suitably distanced from each other.
* We are laying up tables in advance, to include the menus, so as little changes hands as possible. Salt and pepper on request only.
* We have a brand-new very efficient air conditioning system.
* All Front of House staff wear face visors.
* We have provided touch-free hand sanitisers throughout the building for guests and staff to use as frequently as required.
* We will continue to sanitise all tables, seating, wine list, etc.,  between customers.
* We will continue to ensure all chefs work at safe distances, wear gloves, and wear face visors when handling uncooked food.